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I promise I’ll get back to providing informative blogs about Adobe, but for now I’m so distracted by the left turn my life has taken while socially-isolating. I am in the process of selling my home with the wonderful folks at Gem Homes and there are just so many obstacles!

So many showings are being cancelled because folks are staying at home; I’m at home most of every day so it’s hard to keep the place “show ready;” it’s also hard to find ways to go busy myself if someone does want a showing, considering bars and restaurants are closed and the world is basically a ghost town.

We’re giving it another two weeks to see what happens but we may have to take a few months off while the world returns to normalcy.

All that to say: this blog is giving me lots of solace and a place to vent my frustrations. I know that’s not what you loyal readers come here for and I apologize for the change but, really, nothing any of us is doing is normal anymore so let’s accept one another?