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Maybe you, like many of us, find yourself suddenly homebound and you’re trying to decide the best way to use this unexpected and isolating time. I strongly suggest using this time to get more acquainted with Adobe so that you are either more valuable at your current place of employment or you can be a more competitive candidate next time you’re on the job search.

Because of the invaluable resource that Adobe offers, they supplement that with free courses created and taught by educators for educators. Despite them being designed to help educators, they’re universally applicable and a great way to spend some time stuck at home. Whether you or your employer is footing the bill, think of this as an investment in your own professional future.

They offer self-paced courses, live courses, and creative classroom series – so no matter your learning style, there’s a course that will help you achieve! And goddamn that resume is gonna look pretty with that new “Additional Skill.”