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About Science in Asylum

At Science in Asylum, we focus on helping people learn how to work with video editing programs and how to learn other design skills like hand lettering. We work hard to make sure you have everything you need to learn both of these skills as well as related skills you might need in your creative pursuits. We’d like to offer any help you might need as you learn these skills.

Video Editing with Adobe Premier

Video editing is necessary for creating finished, professional video projects. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to edit your own videos, you’ll want to make sure you learn how to use Adobe Premier. We offer help for learning to use this program to edit your own videos. We cover many of the basic skills you’ll need to use this program as well as more advanced techniques to make sure you create amazing videos.

Freehand Hand Lettering Help

Freehand hand letter is useful in a variety of creative projects. Whether you’re looking to just improve your handwriting or you’d like to use unique hand lettering styles in your designs, learning a variety of different styles can help. We offer resources on a number of different freehand hand lettering styles so you can learn how to do each of them and how to create your own designs. This can help take your designs to the next level and help you fit words into any of your designs.